Monday, 22 August 2011

Characters in Dr.House - Thirteen, Foreman and Cuddy

Thirteen, Foreman and Lisa Cuddy
The package is Eric Foreman and Remy Hadley aka Thirteen and a hospital administrator Lisa Cuddy Princeton Plainsboro. I know that Thirteen did not come to me best. It is difficult to do and is very poorly in terms of similarity. Foreman and Cuddy is a little better for me to leave. I invite you to watch your photos. (Sims are together as a family to download)

Thirteen (Remy Hadley)
Suffers from P. Huntington, is smart and always has their own opinion, do not hesitate to intrude their case. For a time affairs with Foreman, but their relationship ended quite stormy. People call her thirteen at its own request.
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Lisa Cuddy
Hospital administrator, had survived several serious relationships with House, which usually ended in the continual return to addiction by Gregory. Adopted the child of the deceased patient, a girl Rachel.
Eric Foreman 
Eirc initially had conflicts with the law, but after some time came down with a bad road and decided to become a doctor. His specialty is neurology. Romanced with Thirteen.


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