Monday, 22 August 2011

Characters in Dr.House - Thirteen, Foreman and Cuddy

Thirteen, Foreman and Lisa Cuddy
The package is Eric Foreman and Remy Hadley aka Thirteen and a hospital administrator Lisa Cuddy Princeton Plainsboro. I know that Thirteen did not come to me best. It is difficult to do and is very poorly in terms of similarity. Foreman and Cuddy is a little better for me to leave. I invite you to watch your photos. (Sims are together as a family to download)

Thirteen (Remy Hadley)
Suffers from P. Huntington, is smart and always has their own opinion, do not hesitate to intrude their case. For a time affairs with Foreman, but their relationship ended quite stormy. People call her thirteen at its own request.
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Lisa Cuddy
Hospital administrator, had survived several serious relationships with House, which usually ended in the continual return to addiction by Gregory. Adopted the child of the deceased patient, a girl Rachel.
Eric Foreman 
Eirc initially had conflicts with the law, but after some time came down with a bad road and decided to become a doctor. His specialty is neurology. Romanced with Thirteen.


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Friday, 5 August 2011

'Better' - my old house :)

File Type:. Sims3pack
This is my old house, made ​​many months ago. It requires no additives. I hope you like it, brick exterior covering whole house and living inside. Bedrooms and lounge on the top for a very cozy :)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

High School Haverford

File Type:. Sims3pack
Required Accessories: Late Night
  Haverford High School is a school for your Sims with higher education. :) Is high and meets all the requirements of today's students. Large corridors, which is two, allow free movement after school. I hope you enjoy it. 

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Mmy new sims that the character is a rather infantile. She loves to party, good with her ​​flirtatious and is an incurable romantic. Her hobbies are sleeping :)

Hair - store, replaced
Skin - peggyzone
Blouse - store, replaced
dress - RUSTY
earrings - greennoodle
schoes - greennoodle



Monday, 11 July 2011

Painting tryptic - flowers

My latest images.  
I must not get behind, raise some level of skill, how far on average I go out, but I invite you to download! :)
"Bimbo" was my old name!

mesh by Arialen/ Thank you! :) 
paintings by me, plesae don't re-upload!


Black Shelter

House, which has something to do with a certain film. Very nice to remember him. Total for Birac house from the outside is covered with colors: black and gray, but inside is dominated by wood.

The first living room, thank you for the inspiration  awesims. Terribly I liked this project, a living room, went out at the beginning of the same, but it has changed, the furniture of this set even more like the living room, but this is not a copy!


The Sims 3 as my passion

Hi! I'am back again as the same person is that a different nick, name. At first I was Bimbo, then Floren, but now i'm Lorrie.
I do not know whether this blog again neglect, infer the past, but I set him there to take care of it and develop it, and my add-ons and other things to the game The Sims 3 I love this game and I want to lead and participate in various websites and blogs just about this subject. Feel free to watch my blog, first let me start with some renewed their old stuff. See you there!